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Miss Velvets in wow you taste good 2

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Miss Velvets in wow you taste good 2
Running Time:
15 Minutes

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Tags: pov, vore, miss velvets
Description :     Synopsis: I am a little man named Bryce hiding in a doll house so I won’t get eaten. Jacquelyn Velvets  is a hungry giantess that finds me catches me and ultimately eats me. 

 Part one: I’m a small man in a doll house hiding away from her as she is going to eat me. She sees me and keeps trying to grab and pull me out so she can eat me. She is constantly saying things like “Bryce I am going to eat you”, “Get out here so I can eat you” “Bryce you know your going to get eaten by me so get out here and let me eat you” “Bryce, your my food and I’m going to eat you.” Just a bunch of lines containing the word(s) eat (eating, eaten) along with constantly calling me her food.

Part two): She finally catches me and drags me out. She then starts licking me over and over again (and maybe kiss/smooched a bit as well) to get a good taste of all while still telling me she’s going to eat me and that I am her food. Finally she says “Bryce are you ready to get eaten? Because I’m ready to eat you.” “Time for you to get eaten Bryce” She then sticks out her tongue and slowly lowers me in to her mouth and swallows me whole. If possible add a swallowing noise.

Part three: She then sits back rubbing her now full belly with me in there talking about how good it feels with me moving around being digested. She can feel me struggle for my life hopelessly as she digest me. She is constantly using the word(s) digest (digested, digesting) in this part. She loves the feeling of live prey being digest alive. The final shot should be her rubbing her belly then say “I don’t feel you moving anymore? Huh” Look right at the camera and say “Bryce, looks like you’ve been digested

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