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Brandy has many Crushes

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Brandy has many Crushes
Running Time:
35 Minutes

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Tags: feet , brandy , unaware , crush
Description :     One day Brandy comes home and found out a two small people are around her one sneakers. She is not happy with it, she put those man in her high heel sandal and threat others to come out or she will put her feet in. No one come out so she put her feet in and wiggle her toes to crush two little man. Then she says the first to come out she will spare their lives. So three little man come out, first one Valery tells him he wins the prize and put him in her panty. she then put the second one in her bra and third in her butt. The she starts to search the rest. She finds around 10 more little man. She put one on the floor and step down with her sneaker to start her crushing. With her toes, between her toes, play first and crush by one finger, size comparison between the little man and her little finger, toe and breast. smother in her armpit, sit on them. After she eat the last little man she doesn't have enough fun so she changed her rule. she took out the little man in her and describing how small he is and she is in control of his life so he better begging for mercy. she just took him to her armpit, mouth, feet and finally she says it was good begging so she will let him go. but not the door but the toilet. she put the little man on the ring and flick him inside with her finger. she says goodbye and flushed him away. She grub the man in her bra and put him in her both armpits then put in the sneaker. she took out the third one put in her sock and wear the sneaker. she stomps the floor to ensure all are crushed. In fact one little man was never found by her at the door, when he is almost escaped, she stepped on him unaware then left.

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