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Your new, humid home - VR360

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Your new, humid home - VR360
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Tags: ashlynn taylore, feet, foot fetish, vr360, joi, cum countdown, in-sock, socks, pov
Description :     You just couldn't let go.

Even though it's been a while since Ashlynn broke up with you, you just couldn't let go. her perfect feet and alluring toes kept haunting you. desperate times calls for desperate measures...you actually managed to shrink yourself, and now you might be able to creep on your beautiful ex-girlfriend's toes without her noticing you...

Unfortunately (or fotunately...) for you, she does find you...your foot-fetish got you into a real trouble now! As much as Ashlynn despises you, she is quite amused, and might wanna have some fun with you. you want her feet so much...what do you think about being dropped INSIDE her sweaty, stinky sock...with her toes for company, and her voice encouraging you to jerk off your throbing cock? a nightmare...or a dream come-true?

Ashlynn taylor is just amazing. grab this video and your VR-helmet, and enjot the ride!

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