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Sahrye in Shrunken Subjects of Passion

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Sahrye in Shrunken Subjects of Passion
Running Time:
14 Minutes

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Tags: sahrye, doll, science, forced cum, foot job, hand held, feet, licking, kissing
Description :     Sahyre plays a scientist who had succeeded in creating a shrinking formula. She enters a room and is looking for the couple she has shrunken. She looks around and finds the shrunken woman who has been trying to hide. She picks her up takes her back to her lab. She examines her. She notices she is enjoying being held by her soft hand wrapped around her. She removes her tiny clothes. She picks her tiny breast and vagina until she cums. Sahyre tells the tiny woman that she has to look for her husband and wants to use the shrunken woman as her "foot spy" she takes off her heels and carries the shrunken woman away. The next scene has Sahyre enter the room again barefoot but having the shrunken woman tied around her ankle bracelet. *The next scene shows a close up Sahyre's feet, walking around with the shrunken woman around her ankle looking for the shrunken woman's husband. *Sometimes Sahyre will stick her foot out with the shrunken woman wrapped around her ankle bracelet. For example, if Sahyre walks by couch she would stick her foot out with the shrunken woman, peering out as if looking and then Sahyre would pull her foot back and continue walking. Or when she walks in a room, she would put her foot with the shrunken woman first, then walk. Sahyre spots the shrunken man hiding. She slowly and seductively walk over to him. She sticks her foot out and tries to get his attention.  To lure him. Has always was turned on by Sahyre's feet and now he is heaven. She picks him up and takes him to her lab. She examines him and notices he too is getting excited being held by her soft hand. Sahyre then gives him a blowjob. His shrunken wife is getting jealous and upset. Sahyre thinks it's cute and adorable. Sahyre then lays him on the floor and begins to give him a toejob with the same foot the shrunken wife is wrapped around her ankle. Sahyre finishes him off with her big toe. He cums on her big toe and some even gets on his wife. She saves the cum to examine it later. Sahyre cleans her foot. She puts her heels back on. She keeps the shrunken wife wrapped around her ankle. She picks up the shrunken man up and puts him in her cleavage. So this way they cannot escape. With the shrunken people close by her, she goes herself to ready to go out and shrink more people for more sexual experiments

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