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Olivia Teaches you a lesson

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Olivia Teaches you a lesson
Running Time:
15 Minutes

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Tags: pov, teacher, pov sex, shrinking, shoes, feet, erotic
Description :     You are throwing papers at your teacher and she eventually gets tired of you and shrinks you down.

  He shrinks in stages ( Breast, Hips, Knee... ) until micro size. She evil laughs loud many and often, After the shrinking she calls him tiny Speckboy.  She tells him that from now on she is his Goddess. She tease to crush him , stomps hard on the ground with her Sandals! She takes her Sandals off and tease and humiliating him! She shows him the bottom of her big toe very close and show him how insignificant and pathetic he is. and how easily she could crush him just with her big toe. She picks him up and takes him home. She got undress and lie on the couch put him in her panties. "The power i have over you is intoxicating and very exciting!" "You see... from NOW on,your whole purpose in life, is to be my SEX AID!" "FOREVER!!" "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" She command him very rough and harsh to get deep into her pussy. "NOW! Get very deep into my CUNT! , tiny speckboy until you reach my CERVIX!" "HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"  *moan* Yes go deeper! HAHAHAHA!! YES! Deeper! *moan* Deeper! AHHAHAHA!!!  - After a while she comes very hard and loud!

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