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Vivian in - The Bigger The Better

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Vivian in - The Bigger The Better
Running Time:
26 minutes

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Tags: giantess, mega, pov, feet, city,
Description :     This was a custom - part of it in a city set and then part of it in the mega set with the tiny lego houses. As far as clothing, as little as possible, thong and pasties if possible. As far as FX goes, just boom sounds and maybe an echo for voice. I'd like her to act destructive in a cute playful way. Doing hand claws and slowly stomping after invisible people, saying "raaawwrr" or something to that effect occasionally, like she's not really grasping how much destruction she's causing and she's just having fun. When she walks, I'd like it if she rose her foot up high and slammed it down for most steps, and to hold it for a bit so I could see her thigh, breasts, butt, etc jiggle a bit from the stomp. I'd like the camera to mostly POV style, from ground level watching her stomp by, so I can see her front, side, and back. She can every now and then slowly reach down and pluck people up, stand up, lean back, and hold them over her mouth. It'd be cool to see all the way up her stomach, past her breasts, to her tongue out and waiting from the ground level. Some window POV as she walks by as well.

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