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Sahrye in Mail Order Growth

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Sahrye in Mail Order Growth
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: sahrye , growth , giantess , transformation , clothes ripping , nylons , shoes
Description :     I would like a growth clip starring Sahrye. I want this to be an erotic type of growth. For the plot i was thinking Sahrye is sitting at home watching tv and she sees an advertisement on tv for a magic growth potion. Out of curiosity she decides to order it to see if it really works. Couple days go by and the growth potion finally arrives at her house. She's excited to try it out. She drinks some of the potion and grows a foot taller, her breasts grows slightly, her clothes start to get really tight on her body, her feet growing in her shoes. She's pretty happy by the results of her sudden growth spurt, but she thought she was going to grow much bigger than that. So she takes another drink of the potion and the growth really kicks in. Her breasts start growing bigger, her clothes start ripping off her body, her feet completely outgrows and bursts out of her shoes, and her pantyhose starts ripping down her leg. The potion is making her horny as well, she's turned by the growth. At this point, she has grown all the way to the ceiling with her clothes completely ripped off her body.

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