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Sahrye in Tummy Trouble

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Sahrye in Tummy Trouble
Running Time:
10 Minute

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Tags: sahrye, vore, belly
Description :     1st minute: model wishes to be an all powerful giant and quick pov shot to make her appear she is growing. While this is happening she is laughing and basking in power like a Disney villain (slight voice echoing if not extra $--if it is, not necessary) 2nd minute: looking up at her from ground as she continues to laugh, bag, and bask in power, starts to rub her belly saying she is hungry. 3rd: notices pov person and picks him up to eat, but u say u are a cook and can cook her a meal to satisfy her. She looks suspicious but then gives a big smile and laugh. CUT 4th and 5th minutes: (cut to after the meal) model is sitting on the ground, leaning back on something, legs spread out, patting her protruding bare belly in satisfaction like she had a great meal. Pov man is right below her belly looking up at her bask in her power and size. She admits that she didn't think your food could satisfy her massive hunger but it did. She continues to laugh and talk about how wonderful it is to be this big and powerful. 6th and 7th minute-- she tells you to climb up and enjoy the world from her height. You climb up her leg and start up her belly but she keeps laughing you are struggling to hold on. You keep sliding off her belly. Eventually she picks you up and places you on her belly. 8-10. You are walking around, she continually talks about how powerful she is. She rubs her belly. Lots of diabolical Disney laughter. Finally in last 30 seconds or so, she decides he is still hungry. She then eats you quickly and ends rubbing her full belly. Simple video with lots of emphasis on protruding belly and convincing acting.

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