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Mommy is home, An unaware Giantess Adventure

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Mommy is home, An unaware Giantess Adventure
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: Nyssa Nevers, pov, crush, booms, shakes, mom, son, taboo, unaware, crush
Description :     Nyssa Nevers is a tired mom who just came home from work. Her step son is shrunk on the floor, trying to get her attention and stay out of her way. She wonders where she is but she is mostly concerned with having time to herself/doing stuff around the house. Her tiny son then has a series of close calls and scenarios while trying to get her attention. Such as almost getting crushed by her shoe, her purse or anything else you can think of. Have her crush a bug directly in front of him, then she leans down low (revealing her cleavage) and he gets mistaken for a bug himself. Looking up her skirt or almost getting eaten.

This Video has the most booms and shakes I ever put in 10 minutes

   2 endings,  Crushed then Eaten

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