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Bad Parenting Groundhog Day 3 with Jordana and Gary

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Bad Parenting Groundhog Day 3 with Jordana and Gary
Running Time:
43 Minutes

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Tags: pov , giantess , jordana , gary , couples , ass , boob crush , hand crush , feet crush , vore
Description :     I would like a 3rd mom and dad video but this time make it longer Over 40min. Follow the same script but all Butt crushes and some more erotic stuff like Jerk Off instruction and both of the use him to masturbate and some more vore scenes.

 And have Jordana play my mom this time. Would be all POV with multiple endings. The day repeats itself when I expire. Using a fish lens or wide angle for vore. You and Keri think I’m a loser and want to get rid of me once and for all. 

1st - scene I an unaware crushed by your bare soles when you think I’m a bug Scene 

2nd - mom unaware crush bare foot

3rd - Dad Thinks Son is candy and eats his son alive.

4th Mom eats her son

5.  I wake up to dad standing over me. Forcing me to smell and kiss his soles. U slowly crush me limb by limb.. you notice me getting turned on by you crushing me and make me stroke it to your feet while mom watches. U even rest your foot on me and make me hump it... but when I cum, you crush me completely sx. 

6.  mom tortures while dad watches (mom does same thing.. crush foot fuck and eventual completely crush)

7. dad kisses son to near termination and vore him 

8.  mom kisses son and eventually vores him 

9.  mom show off the back of her legs behind the knees. Dad picks up son and slowly presses him into her knee pits crushing him until he pops Scene 

10.  I’m a bug flying around and you both hand crush me Scene

11.  you take pick me up and pass me to moms mouth.

12. Crushed in Jordanas ass

13. eaten by both mom and dad

14. On chair for some foot and booty tease from both mom and dad

15. Mom and dad use me to masturbate

16. Mom crushes me in her ass.

The rest just adlib.

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