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Slow-mo Licking Up Rachels Micro Summer School Failure

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Slow-mo Licking Up Rachels Micro Summer School Failure
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Description :     Another awesomely detailed tongue video with many advanced slow motion licking moments! The action is so close at one time you can even see tiny pools of saliva pooling on Rachel's soft palm as her tongue continues it's relentless onslaught on her helpless college student. After her first year teaching summer school to a bunch of college students needing some extra lessons, one finds himself at the mercy of his teacher Rachel's twisted oral pleasures. The majority of this video focuses on many detailed licking views, and then some brief dark in mouth moments at the end. Her student is gulped down and Rachel enjoys the sensation, rubbing her tummy briefly over her shirt at the end. Definitely an awesome vid for mouth fans as the advanced slow motion even captures some moments that would have beeen easy to miss otherwise, like Rachel's tongue pounding the poor micro guy down into her palm.

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