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Brandy in Fighting reduction

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Brandy in Fighting reduction
Running Time:
15 Minutes

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Tags: brandy , pov , shrinking , fighting
Description :     I challenged the model to a fight. She being a well known champion, and always looking for a new fight, accept. the clip starts with the bell ringing (doesn't have to be a sound effect, you could pretend the bell just rang. As we start, the model easily Pierce my guard and lands a few good strikes on me knocking me down to the floor. She laughs at me for being so easy and tells me to stand back up. However, as I do I also notice something odd.

She seems to have become taller but I brush it off as nothing and charge at her. Again, the model easily breaks through my guard and knocks me back to the floor. This time she throws a few kicks and stomps on my chest while I'm down, taunting me as she does them. Once I get up again, I realize Im nearly at knee level. little did I know when challenging her, the contract stated that the more beat up and degraded I get, the more I shrink.

She realized I caught on and is surprised considering how long I read the letter. I freeze as she pummels me back to the floor. as I try to stand up, the model pins me down under her foot (which now almost covers my whole body) yawning saying how this fight is getting a little boring. Maybe if I kiss and lick her foot, she'll show mercy. As I kiss and lick, I slowly start shrinking more. I would like during the worship if she could laugh and say something like "that's right, worship the foot of your superior and shrink down to your true size" by the time I'm done, I'm about bug size. The model is surprised by how good I worshiped her. then it clicks, I knew the effects of facing her, that's why I spent a while reading it. I wanted all of this to happen.

As she accuses me of this act, she then tilts her foot slightly off the ground telling me to crawl under it so we can finish this fight because I know what happens when you shrink the loser down to bug size. you laugh as I crawl under your foot, calling me degrading names like loser, or pathetic. Then finally, she lifts up her foot and crushes me like the nothing I am.

I would like the model to be barefoot. But if you think starting off with shoes and taking them off later on is better, by all means. I'm no giantess director haha. As long as the she crushes me barefoot at the end, I'm good.

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