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Cali Logan in Tinder Date MisMatch VR180 4K 3D

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Cali Logan in Tinder Date MisMatch VR180 4K 3D
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: Cali Logan, Height Humiliation
Description :     I am hoping to commission another 180 degree 4K VR video, if that's possible. This time, I would really, really love if Cali Logan can do the performance. It is essentially an Amazon/Height Humiliation video. In this video, Cali Logan is against a solid color background so there is nothing relative to compare her against, and the viewer is at eye level with about her waist for the whole video. The setup is that we're meeting up outside of a coffee shop for a date, and though we've been talking online a bunch before meeting for the first time, neither of us have ever seen a picture of the other, so we're not sure what to expect, except that Cali Logan is supposed to spot me based on my leather jacket.

When she spots me, she asks tentatively, a little mockingly "Are you my date?", staring way down at me.

She says things along the lines of "you could have told me you were this short! You're like, 5 feet tall!"

and also "I mean, I guess I'm not that much better. I suppose I could have told you ahead of time that I'm around 7'6" "

From then on out, it's mostly just her poking fun at me, telling me how cute and small I am, and how she actually kind of likes being next to me because it makes her feel big and powerful. She tells me that I must be sooooo jealous of her, and points out how unfair it is that she's, so much taller. She even points out how she's a bit younger than me which makes it even funnier and more embarrassing. She also makes fun of how little I weigh and she makes me guess how much she weighs, and laughs when she's 3 times as heavy as I am.

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