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Monica grants your shrinking wish and JOI

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Monica grants your shrinking wish and JOI
Running Time:
15 Minutes

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Tags: pov, giantess, booty, cleavage, joi, Monica Jade
Description :     Script: Monica 's boyfriend Daniel has secretly been wishing to be shrunken down to an inch tall for awhile now. She goes through his phone and discovers everything he desires. 1st half is very gentle, fun, and playful giantess pov with the interactions from above. 2nd half Monica reveals that she sees that her boyfriend wants to be crushed like a tiny bug. She finds this really weird because who would want to be crushed and to go through so much pain, but if it's what he wants, she'll give it to him. Then she's mean, hurting him with all the interactions from above. Daniel begs her (silently, no voice) to stop doing this and Monica sees it as a game and he must really secretly still want to be crushed. He keeps doing it throughout and she acknowledges it but tells him that she spent a lot of money to shrink him so he's going to get crushed and like it. Finally she decides to crush him. She does a 10 second JOI before she crushes him in the way of her choice (I like being surprised so have her pick what part of her body she uses).

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