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Monica has a new Boy Toy VR 180 3D 4K

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Monica has a new Boy Toy VR 180 3D 4K
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Tags: giantess, moinica jade, feet, booty, cleavage, kissing, slow shrinking, pov sex, vr 180, 3d, 4k, 50fps
Description :     Here we go again, Another epic VR 180 3D video with so much awesome. This time it is Monica who with her kisses slowly shrinks you and you get to go from 6ft to 5ft, 4ft, 3ft, 1ft then 6inches When you are boob height she teases you with her boobs then as ass level she teases you with her ass then at 1Ft she lays you down and you get to have VR 3D sex with a giantess and she rides you then she has you worship her feet. In the end she keeps you in a shoe

Please note the screen caps and trailer come from one lens of the 3D VR camera so it looks like she is doing things from the side like when she kisses you but when you see it all in 3D with both lenses it will be centered. And like all the 3D videos you do have the option to watch in 2D on a PC or even 2D with VR headset.

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