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Lucky Little Winner VR 360

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Lucky Little Winner VR 360
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: SHRINKING FETISH, FOOT SMOTHER, FOOT FETISH, UNAWARE GIANTESS, TALL WOMEN Keywords: hannah perez, giantess, giant woman, shrinking, foot fetish, foot smother, tall woman, unaware, unaware giantess
Description :     You won an afternoon with Hannah! Hannah walks into your home and she is calling for you she sends a text to say she is there. You text her back to tell her to look down. She finally sees you and she is stunned because she doesn't understand how you are so small. Hannah compares you to the size of her foot but you're smaller. Hannah sits down and tries to figure out what she can do with someone your size. Hannah thinks it's funny that she can basically eat you. Hannah mentions that she is actually hungry. You're scared but she says she wont really do that. Hannah decides she is just going to finish you off because she cant really think what to do with you. The last thing you see is Hannah's foot, hovering over you with wiggling toes as she prepares to crush you. Prepare to meet her sole!

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