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From Roomate To Snack

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From Roomate To Snack
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: GIANTESS, SHRINKING FETISH, MOUTH FETISH Keywords: meiko jane, mean giantess, size fetish, macrophilia, vorarephilia
Description :     Your roomate Meiko has just returned from a night of dancing and drinking, and she's not ready to venture to bed yet. She conviences you into having a "night cap" with her, seeing as how you insisted on not joining her out. Going to the kitchen to grab a bottle, she hands it to you and tells you to drink straight from it; who needs glasses after all? You take a swig, and your chest fills with warmth as the liquid works it's way down your throat. Almost suddenly, you begin feeling a bit.. strange? Your muscles and bones begin to tingle, and it feels as though you are moving straight towards the floor. Is the liquor going straight to your head, or are you truly beginning to shrink!? Meiko's laughter fills the air as you begin to panic, attempting to flee from the woman who is now x6 your size! However your escape comes in vein as she scoops you up into her palms and brings you eye level to her. She's had this planned all along, roomie. Becoming fed up with the fact that you only view her as a friend, never showing interest in something more. Now, she's brought you down to a size where she can have her way with you, all the way down into the depts of her rumbling belly!

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