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Keri and Shrunken man in mouth games

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Keri and Shrunken man in mouth games
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: vore, toy, shrunken man, keri spectrum, mouth, cleavage
Description :     So the premise is similar to the other videos with Keri and the shrunken man toy. Keri is in her underwear and finds her shrunken friend on the counter. She’s shocked to see me like this and thinks about how scary this all must be for me. For her tone, she’s talking very sweet and gently towards him cause she knows how scared he must be right now. She also knows that it must be kinda awkward for him too since she knew he used to have a crush on her. At this point, she she begins to feel bad and gives him a kiss to try to comfort him. She does this and she can tell that he’s relaxed a bit so she goes in for another, this time sticking her tongue out for a little french kiss. When she pulls him away, she mentions that she’s actually a bit surprised by his taste and how it was kinda pleasant. She then gently asks if its ok if she can lick him for a bit to inspect his taste a bit more. She’s not doing this because she wants to eat him or anything like that. Her taste just genuinely surprised her. She starts to lick his body a bit and then comments on how his face tastes a bit different and that it’s better than the rest of his body. She then mainly focuses on licking his face a bit more and comments on its great taste a bit more to him. After this, she talks to him a bit more and can tell he’a growing more comfortable with her and isn’t as scared. She then lowers him down a bit and notices how big her boobs are compared to him and holds him by them. She jokes about how she used to catch him staring sometimes and now he’s so much smaller than them. She grows a bit curious here and places him in her boobs and sweetly asks him how it feels in there. She then places him inside her bra cup and wonders if that would be a good place to keep him. She then takes him out and brings him to back up to her face. She tells him that she’s been wondering how he’s going to survive in this world at this size and tells him that she’s so worried for him. She says that she’s been thinking about this a lot and that she’s come up with a way to keep him safe. She says that she’s going to swallow him and that he can safely live in her stomach for the rest of his life. She says that she can see that he’s a bit nervous about this so she tries to explain it a bit more for him. She says that she doesn’t think he’ll be digested since they’re the same species and that it’ll be safe in there for him and that he can eat pieces of the food that she eats when it gets to her stomach. She’s really sweet and gentle with him through all this. After talking with him about this for a bit, she puts him in her mouth. She talks to him in her mouth for a bit here. For this part, I’d like a couple close shots of Keri’s wide open mouth with her friend inside it. I’d also like some farther out shots with Keri’s open mouth where you can see the rest of her face too. She’s also opening and closing her mouth throughout this bit. After a bit, she gently tells him that she’s going to give him one last look at the outside world and opens wide. She then closes her mouth and says a few more words to him then swallows him. She traces him down her throat and into her stomach. Then she rubs her belly and says a few more words to him in her stomach.

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