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Size Dimension - CEO Mail order - Ep6 SE1

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Size Dimension - CEO Mail order - Ep6 SE1
Running Time:
20 Minutes

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Tags: size dimension, ceo mail order, lydia lael, gts pov, soles, sound fx, scifi, stomping, eating, female domination
Description :     Once Earthlings had accepted the tiny people known as Xanthians being part of their world, many sought to capitalize by collecting them and then selling them on the black market to those evil enough to treat them as a commodity.

One such individual, a CEO of a New York company, has just ordered a box of Xanthians for her enjoyment. Excited to get the box in the mail, a brief call from her assistant has her fly into a rage and accidentally knocks the box onto the floor, giving the Xanthians a brief opportunity to escape. She isn't having it though, as she stalks them down one by one, taking them out!

Clip Features: Unaware & Aware Barefoot crush, 2x vore, 2x butt crush, 1x hand crush, 1 shoe crush.

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