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The Craving 2 Episode 1 PREORDER

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The Craving 2 Episode 1 PREORDER
Running Time:
10 Minutes (25sec Preview until Goal reached)

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Tags: Vore, Full size Vore, Mouth expanding, Belly expanding, ass expanding, giantess, fart
Description :     THIS IS A PRE ORDER.

Like the past Pre orders we have a goal. In this case it is a very modest 85. You will only get a 25second preview clip for now but when we hit 85 the same download link will be replaced with the 10 minute clip.

Miss Vivian appears in Jessicas room and devours her and gets a big belly then Optic shows up while doing his side gig in security and he hears the chaos and breaks the door down and he freezes in shock and watches Vivian devour Jessica then she absorbs Jessica and grows into a giantess but she is not done as she sits on Optic and green fart comes out and she absorbs optic in her ass, He tries to escape out her mouth but fails, the rest of the clip is the beginning of her giantess attack. The Gif Slideshow is pretty much the whole clip. If this is your thing support us and pre order this cool clip.

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