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These shoes were made for crushing 2

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These shoes were made for crushing 2
Running Time:
22 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, aria khaide, vore, pov, car crush, kicking, city destruction, hand held, hand crush, shoes, crush people, army attack
Description :     Aria Khaide plays your scientist girlfriend who is sick of you always neglecting her for work, and decides to let her grievances known by taking a growth formula from her lab and tearing up the city. She initially tries to find you/give you (her –nameless- boyfriend) a chance to turn yourself in while threatening to destroy the town, but when no one steps forward, she starts having fun crushing cars/eating people while leveling the city until she ultimately chases you down as the last survivor of her rampage and decides to eat you. Focus on crushing, eating and kicking buildings and people with car crush and a lot of cool POV shots.

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