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Mommy I shrunk the Babysitter!

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Mommy I shrunk the Babysitter!
Running Time:
9 Min

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Tags: keri spectrum, shrinking woman, trapped in bottle, sfx
Description :     Video starts with babysitter being friendly with the viewer about what they should do for the time being, when first and second time she is shrunk she is confused on why everything is so big, after awhile she realizes that the viewer is shrinking her and she begs him to stop. I would like to request a lot of begging and pleading. As she is shrinking her voice sounds high pitched like a chipmunk and she continues to beg and plea to the viewer to stop and make her normal again. most importantly no guys, no giantess, and no music. I would like lots, of begging and pleading. In the bottle I would like her in both the wide and close shots for her to be begging, pleading, and panicking. Most importantly I would like to see her scared especially in the bottle scenes when she begs the viewer to be released and make normal size again. No full nudity, meaning I would like her to have clothes on. No ponytail.

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