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A crushing experience

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A crushing experience
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Tags: crush, Keri Spectrum
Description :     Keri Spectrum is wearing red nail polish on her toes and fingers.

She walks into a room, and she doesn't notice a number of small tiny people on the floor. The people are small "tinies" that go with train sets.

She is wearing tight white ankle socks. She walks on top of some tiny people. She feels them crush underfoot. That's when she notices the tiny people on the floor. She recognizes one as "Aaron" and she tells Aaron that she will torture and crush all of his friends.

Please shoot her feet from up above, looking down at her feet, as opposed to shooting at ground level.

She says that she wants to feel the people crush under her bare feet, so she takes her socks off.

She plays with the people between her toes and under her feet. Please have some close-ups of her toes, as well as some shots that show the entirety of her feet from toes to heels.

She grinds some people under her toes, the balls of her feet, and her heels as she forces Aaron to watch.

She sits on her knees so her feet are behind her, with her soles facing up. She puts people (including Aaron) on her soles and between her toes, forcing them to worship her like the goddess she is.

At the end of the video, she puts the people (including Aaron) into her flat shoes. She puts her foot into the flat and she says she loves feeling the people being crushed and walks away.

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