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Colossal Cop VR 360 4K

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Colossal Cop VR 360 4K
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: POV 360 4K Giantess, edited audio echoing to imerse you into your macrophilia fantasy, stomping sound effects
Description :     You've heard rumors around the tiny prison that Megan Jones was one of the most devious, and cruel colossal cops assigned to your cell block; but luckily you had yet to experience her wraith. However, that changes today as she has been assigned to look after you while you are being withheld in solitary confinement for attempting to make a grand escape. She's irritable, as she's been working a long shift and she plans on taking it out on you. Plucking you from your cage after taunting you between the bars, Megan demonstrates her power of you. How easy would it be, for her to squash you with her heeled boot, between her gigantic tits, or with her large round ass? Perhaps if you do a good job massaging and worshiping her foot with your little arms and legs, she'll allow you to rejoin the cell block? It's a shame however, that she hasn't been able to take her lunch break, as her rumbling stomach is telling her the best way to handle your misbehavior; is through swallowing you whole.

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