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Vore Date With Chloe Kennedy

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Vore Date With Chloe Kennedy
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: vorarephilia triggering dialogue, clear mouth and tongue teases, upclose belly shots, a swallowing ending with endoscope uvula exposure
Description :     You and Chloe Kennedy have been chatting online for quite some time now, having met on a forum dedicated to vorarephilia. At first, you engaged in casual conversation sharing things about one another, which lead into things steaming up a bit; creating role play scenarios you would both act out through emails revolving around the fantasy of Chloe having her way with you and swallowing you whole! You never thought this online interaction would lead to the two of you meeting face to face, and needless to say you can feel the sweat pouring from your forehead the day you walk towards your door and allow Chloe in for your first (and last) real time exchange. You both know why she is here, as it's something the two of you have spoken about through text for hours, fantasizing about the possbilities. Nervous, would be an understatement to describe how you feel when your gaze meets Chloe's. Licking her lips and staring at you as though you are nothing more than a hunk of meat. Will you bring your fantasy to life, or is the reality of it all too much to bare?

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