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Breaking Up is Hard VR 360 4K

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Breaking Up is Hard VR 360 4K
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: hannah perez, giantess, giant woman, shrinking, foot fetish, foot smother, unaware giantess, unaware
Description :     Hannah comes home expecting to find you, her boyfriend, at the house. She walks in and calls out for you. When you don't answer, Hannah thinks you must be pranking her. "Little" does she realize, you are right in front of her but at her feet. You've shrunk yourself down, oh no! Hannah is immediately confused and a little concerned, but within moments she can't help but laugh at you and the whole situation. She proceeds to tease and taunt you with her belly, boobs, and mouth. She recalls how you are in love with her feet and always asking her to play with them. Now she stands over you and hovers her big soles, wiggling her toes. She threatens to drop all her weight on you and give you exactly what you've been wanting. After all, how can someone your size be worth anything to her at this point?

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