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Slumber Party Tease

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Slumber Party Tease
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: cali logan, misty lovelace, giantesses, shrink, shrink fetish, pov smother
Description :     This is part two to Misty Lovelace’s Pervy Little Brother. You were caught spying on your Big sister and her hot friend during a slumber party. Today (Misty) has brought you back with another friend of hers only to show off how she shrunk you down and taunted you endlessly. Her friend Cali is in awe of your small size. The two of them tower over you in their lingerie and have their way with you, teasing you with their big giant asses and boobs. Cali gets down and squats over you as if to smother you with her enormous crotch. When they are done with you, they lock you back up into your new home, a small cage that sits on Misty’s dresser. Looks like your little spying plans have backfired big time!

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