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Constance shrinks you to be her Boy Toy 180vr 3D 4K

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Constance shrinks you to be her Boy Toy 180vr 3D 4K
Running Time:
20 Minute

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Tags: constance, giantess, slow shrinking, kissing, 3d, 4k, 180 vr, 50fps, booty, feet, regression, kissing, cleavage, hand held, foot job
Description :     Constance kisses you and you shrink very slowly. A little each time she kisses you. when you are 5Ft she teases you then teases you with her ass then when you are 1 foot tall she holds you with one hand and gives you a tour of her ass again and cleavage then places you on a pillow and licks and sucks your cock a bit then she gives you a foot job then she rides you until she is satisfied but she is not done yet, She kisses you again and you shrink to 4 inches and she teases you with her feet a then she holds you under her boobs which always looks great in 3D and finally kisses you one more time.

For best results use a 3D VR headset set to 180 Stereo Side by side or sometimes called Left/Right and stand for all of it except the part were you are laying as the doll, you would obviously lay down or sit way back on chair for that part.

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