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Bat Girl Devours Joker

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Bat Girl Devours Joker
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: bailey paige, mean giantess, size fetish, macrophilia, vorarephilia, cosplay
Description :     This clip includes: a suspenseful opening soundtrack to set the mood for our carnivorous hero, Edited audio echoing to imerse you into your macrophilia fantasy when shrunken, third person shots, first person POV, vorarephilia triggering dialogue, tongue play, pre-swallow tongue & mouth shots, threatening boot and butt crush, swallowing uvula exposure, post swallowing belly rubs and digestion talk.

Finally, the days of the Joker gallivanting through the city of Gotham and reaking havok have come to an end. Batman has secured a shrinking formula and left it up to Bat Girl to administer it to the Joker in an alluring manner, which has now left the Joker tiny and fragile. Kept in a temporary cage around Bat Girl's neck, she plots on how she will rid the word of this pest. She could easily crush him underneath her black leather boots, or use the weight of her pressing ass to turn him into a crimson paste. Or, she could make it slow but painless. Teasing him with her large wet tongue, licking her lips and opening her mouth wide threatening to drop him down below in her very own "batcave". Which path to justice, will this giantess "hero" choose?

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