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Unaware Gummy Snack

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Unaware Gummy Snack
Running Time:
6 Minutes

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Description :     This clip includes: a suspenseful soundtrack to further imerse yourself into your journey towards the back of Kiki's throat, chewing, mouth shots, belly shots, third person shots, and POV swallowing.

Lounging on her bed typing away on her phone as she enjoys a chewy snack, Giantess Kiki Star hasn't the slightest clue that a tiny intrudor as entered her room. Having slipped through the cracks in her door with ease, you've made your way through the black shag carpet and are currently working your way up the bed towards Kiki. It feels as though you are climbing a mountain, grabbing onto the end of a blanket with your little hands and using all your strength to push your body upwards. Once making it to the bed's surface, you are greeted by the sight of one of Kiki's large soles in which you use to hide behind in order to take a look at what the unaware giantess is up to. You watch as she takes gummy treat after gummy treat and pops them into her mouth, chewy slowly before swallowing. Licking her lips in a tasty bliss before eagerly going back for another. You are so captivated by the sight, like a moth to a flame that you move closer. Too close, in fact. You decide to take a chance and scale up Kiki's tummy, which makes a lovely variety of noises underneath you. Feeling as though she has some sort of bug on her, Kiki swats you away which lands you flying inside her bowl of gummy bears! You then, are trapped. A goner. Sure to end up like the rest of the chewy snacks that have found their way into the depths of Kiki's mouth. How unfortunate for you, tiny intrudor.

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