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Tilly Defeats Space Explorers 180 VR 2D

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Tilly Defeats Space Explorers 180 VR 2D
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: crush, tilly mcreese, vr 180, 4k, 60fps, ass crush, cleavage, space men
Description :     This is a very simple video from the perspective of one of the space explorers. Tilly was trying to sound Alien and I think she was speaking Gaelic for parts of it at the beginning but most of it she speaks english. She crushes them with her hands, feet and ass and even puts some in her boobs.

This was supposed to be a 3D clip and actually is but I had some of the figures to close to the camera and it ruined the 3D effect for most of the clip so I recommend setting the VR app to mono 180 and I am promoting it as a 2D clip. Next time I will do it different and make it 3D.

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