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Eclipses City Crush

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Eclipses City Crush
Running Time:
39 Minutes

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Tags: barefoot, mega, giantess, crush
Description :     Finally, a new city crush video! Featuring some of the best building crush scenes we've ever recorded, LOTS of cars being flatted by Eclipse, and some tiny people who meet their fate under her feet as well! The main focus here is the cars that Eclipse takes on with her hands and feet, even sitting on two at once! Then she gets creative and even finishes one under her arm and even between her knees. There is SO MUCH in here! If you're a fan of Eclipse this is a treat you definite owe to yourself. Plus it's available at HALF PRICE since this was a custom! How awesome is that?! The only glitch is the butt crush building scene near the end. We lost some of the footage, but you'll still at least get to see the building straining underneath her.

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