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At the feet of your God

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At the feet of your God
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, feet, toes, brandy, hands, vore
Description :     The video will mainly be aimed at extreme close-ups of the tops of the toes, toenails and mouth all non pov with the smallest plastic person available an model should also have nude/natural toenails on feet. Brandy is who I want b Starts with the model barefoot and in casual jeans and a tank top sitting on the couch while the small plastic person is on the floor at her toes with a big toe on either side of him occasionally shifting to each foot being on their side while scrunching and wiggling the toes. After a couple minutes, she notices the small person and picks them up and brings them to her mouth and she starts talking to them essentially mentioning that they're minuscule while she is god to him. Her calling herself god is repeatedly said whenever she talks about herself compared to him. She hears hears him say he wants to worship the god that is her. She obliges by using him to rub in this order the top of the toe, the top of the toenail, the bottom of the toe and between the toes from pinkie toe to the fourth toe first on one foot the the next. She brings him back up to her mouth to tell him worshiping the big toes of God is a privilege and shouldn't be taken lightly. A bit more down talk and god speak and she brings him back down to the bottom of big toes each next to each other and rubs him for awhile under each, the under each toenail and finally the tops of the toes and toenails. A lot of time should be spent of the big toes and after finishing she brings him back up and says how he pleased his almighty enough to keep him. But his new home will be under her tongue as she mentions how a devout worshiper should be honored they get to hear the voice of God whenever she speaks and louder than anything else. Enjoy being so close to the one you give your life to. End vid as she laughs and chuckles.

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