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Shrunken Boy Toy VR 180 3D 4K

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Shrunken Boy Toy VR 180 3D 4K
Running Time:
16 Minutes

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Tags: sablique von lux, indica fetish, shrinking, pov, 3d, vr 180, 4k, 50fps, feet, cleavage, virtual sex, grinding
Description :     Sablique Von Lux and Indica Fetish find a guy they like but he is committed to his girlfriend but they manage to trick him into coming with them but when he resists the seduction they kiss him anyway and that causes him to shrink, once he is 12inches tall they dry fuck him, riding him and grinding in a pretty cool VR 3D shot were we used a doll so you can feel they are on top of your small body. They do this a few times and take turns then they shrink you even smaller and you get to see and worship their amazing feet and do som body exploration.

Best to Stand up for 1st part then lay down for the Virtual riding part then you can sit or stand for last part.

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