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Tall Goddess Gias Studio Snatch

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Tall Goddess Gias Studio Snatch
Running Time:
20 Minutes

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Tags: Amazons, Submission hold, Sleep Fetish, face sitting, scissor hold, size comparison, sock smelling, trampling, foot smother, real giantess, feet, revenge, take over
Description :     Tall Goddess Gia arrived at Media Impact Studios and when Gary saw how tall she was he realized she was to tall to shoot with in his small studio. She drove hours to get to the shoot and Gary failed to offer a cancel fee he simply told her he had no work for her. This got Gia angry and she started bullying Gary pushing him into her breasts and smothering him, he tried to leave but she grabbed him and applied a choke hold then she takes off her shoes to show how much taller she still is then him and compares height, hands and feet, she holds his head to show he cannot reach her. She compares are length then gets him in a guillotine. then she puts her giant foot over his face, crushing his face then she stands on him with her entire body. then she applies scissor holds and a reverse triangle. She then sits on his face and scissors his face. She then puts him in a RNC choke hold. She removes his socks and stuffs one in his mouth. during all this he goes to sleep several times. she sits on him again and tells him she has now snatched the studio from him and she is his new boss and is renaming the company to "Gia Impact"

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