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Karma is A Bitch

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Karma is A Bitch
Running Time:
9 minutes

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Tags: SHRINKING FETISH, TALL WOMEN, POV, VERBAL HUMILIATION Keywords: nyxon, shrinking fetish, pov, tall women, verbal humiliation, humiliation, giantess, giant woman, shrink, shrunk down
Description :     Nyxon comes over to your house because she is mad that you called the cops on her for having a party. The real reason she is even mad is because is because you feel like you can do whatever you want and that you think you are untouchable. Nyxon takes matters into her own hands and puts you in your place by shrinking you down. She wants you to feel small like you are. Nyxon wants to put you on display for everyone to see. She humiliates you and talks down to you. Nyxon is on a mission to make you feel dominated. Nyxon leaves you small and helpless.

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