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Carmen and Honey Shrunk in the bedroom VR360 4K

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Carmen and Honey Shrunk in the bedroom VR360 4K
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess, VR360, Feet, Soles, Toes, Crush
Description :     You have been shrunken and managed to get into your neighbors house. Soon the two giant roomate Carmen and Honey return from the club. They have no idea you are only an inch tall at their giant feet as they remove their heels to relax and talk about their night. Soon they spot you thinking you are a bug at first. They realize after looking at you that you are a tiny human! They pick you up on the bed and wonder how you got so small. Then they decide to have some fun with you. They make you worship their giant sweaty feet first. Sticking you between their toes to get all the toejam too. They out you back on the floor where they threaten to crush you! They pick you up and wonder how you taste. What will become of you at these giant brats mercy?

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