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Waiting All Day

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Waiting All Day
Running Time:
7 Minutes

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Tags: deviana, giantess, giant woman, foot fetish, sweaty feet, smelly feet, ass smothing, breast smothering
Description :     Deviana gets home from work and sits down in the chair directly across from you. She is happy to see you and wonders if you are happy to see her too. Deviana wants to know if you have been waiting all day for her in the same spot. Deviana has a few surprises for you. She gives you her feet because she has been on them all day and she knows you will love the stench. Deviana even lets you get squashed by her ass because she knows how much you like it. She tries figuring out new places she can put you. Deviana then suggests putting you in her boobs a few times. Then she wants to put you somewhere else for a little while. She decides to put in the drawer right under the TV.

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