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Asking Vore It

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Asking Vore It
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: miss roper, raquel roper, 3rd person Giantess Vore, swallowing, gulping, belly rubs, digestion talk/sound sfx, clear uvula & mouth shots, spit/saliva,
Description :     Customers Script: "You walk into a room and notice me on the floor. You destroy anything you see so you tell me so.You pick me up and ask me how I want to be ended. I knew the consequences so you hold me close to your ear and I tell you If you can swallow me whole,alive and I'll promise not to struggle and it is the reason I trespassed. You find it weird that I actually gave a response. Usually tiny intruders wish not to be ended but I'm offering to be food. You only agree since you haven't had a meal all day and feel sorry for me but plan on showing no remorse since Im nothing to you. You tell me you are going to swallow me whole and then you open your mouth really really big and wide and put my whole body, like in the picture,in your mouth and swallow me whole with loud gulps. You then rub your tummy and walk away satisfied showing off your ass, as if nothing ever happened."

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