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Keri and Gary Shrink Rude Tech nerd

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Keri and Gary Shrink Rude Tech nerd
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, couples, feet, pov, trapped in cage, hand held, giant man, giantess, keri spectrum, gary
Description :     I watched your bad parenting clip. I’m not into the parent his is an inquiry for pricing before I commit. All POV. No SFX. You and Keri Spectrum again. This time as a couple and not parents. You force me to worship your feet and then Keri makes me worship hers. And you take turns making me kiss. Lick. Smell. Massage them etc. Script: (Premise: you’ve shrunken me for being a dick to Keri, your wife when she came in to the technology store I work at and asked for help. The shrinking isn’t shown. It opens in the living room area) Gary: (camera starts off in a box/cage) I have a surprise for you (to Keri) Keri: what is it? Gary: remember that asshole at the store you told me about? (Reveals the cam) Keri: oh my. This will be fun. (Picks me up) hmm what to do with you... oh I have an idea. (Puts me down and puts feet in my face). I was shopping all day. I need a good foot massage. (Keri can ad lib for this and then make me kiss her feet and worship them and commenting how good it feels) Gary: I work construction. I need a foot massage too. Keri: do it! Gary: this is nice. I think he should lick and kiss my callused soles next. Keri: sucks for you. Do it Gary: (comments how relaxing it is while Keri laughs at my misery. Asking how it tastes etc) Then this can go back and forth to fill the time as needed if there’s a minimum. The grand finale is Keri picking me up. Licking me and then eating me

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