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3 days of Tiny with Keri

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3 days of Tiny with Keri
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, booty, shrinking, pov, hands, crush, cleavage
Description :     Hello, I'd like a 30 minute custom with Keri. Can she please use my name as well? Basically, it'd be another one of those "3 days with Keri" wherein each day will be ten minutes for the thirty minutes. I'll leave it up to Keri if she wants to change her clothes between each day for more realism or just stick to the same. Either one is fine. Style: All Pov, no vr Attire: something with cleavage Length: 30 minutes Script: 1st day: Keri comes home to find her boyfriend Daniel (if she can use my name, please) has shrunken himself down to an inch tall. She knows he has a giantess fetish so she at first thinks its kind of cool and talks about all the kind of things they can do together while she plays with him with her bare feet, her hands,her cleavage, her mouth, and her ass. She is very gentle and loving, teasing him the entire time. In the end, they go to sleep together and she gives him a kiss 2nd day: Keri comes back home from work to see that Daniel is still shrunken down and tiny. She picks him up and asks him when he is going to reverse his size back to normal. Daniel tells her (no words, she just "hears him" inaudibly) that he can't grow back to normal size, it is permanent. When she hears this, she is furious. How is she supposed to date a teeny tiny bug? She is angry and annoyed and has him do all sorts of tiny favors for her but she is just getting madder and madder the whole time. In the end, she decides to knock him out by smother him (in the way of her choosing) 3rd day: Keri wakes Daniel up from the other day. She tells him that she has been thinking about it and she has decided that if Daniel wants to be a bug, then she'll treat him like a bug. . by squishing him!! This one is all torture as she goes through all the different ways she could squish, eat, and destroy her now ex-tiny boyfriend. She mashes him with all parts of her body, laughing as she feels his bones breaking and bending. Finally, she decides the best way to crush him, eat or destroy him (she chooses again) and counts down from ten before she finishes him.

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