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Weak Little Man

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Weak Little Man
Running Time:
12 Minutes

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Tags: sofia, giantess, giant woman, foot fetish, dirty feet, licking, mouth fetish, vore, pov
Description :     Sofia is sitting on her bed and spots you. Sofia wonders what you are doing down there and why you are so little. Sofia thinks you look so cute being tiny, she thinks it's funny that you look weak. She knows exactly who you are and she is going to have some fun with you. Sofia begins poking you, you dont like it but she doesnt like being stalked. Sofia wants to know if you like her giant feet. Sofia tells you to smell her dirty feet. Sofia says you are so small and you fit right in her hands. She decides she wants to taste you. After licking you she said you taste gross. Sofia tells you not to get hurt since you are so tiny and weak. Sofia sneezed and it knocked you around. Sofia thinks it is so funny that you are so weak. Sofia then begins to blow at you. And tells you thats what you get for being a dirty little perv. She decides she wants to eat you so she nibbles a little here and there and says you still taste gross. As she is holding you she sneezes right at you blowing you away. Sofia loves having fun with you but you are worthless to her. And you will go down whole.

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