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Megan Just Wants to dance SFX

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Megan Just Wants to dance SFX
Running Time:
16 Minutes

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Tags: pov, sfx, Megan Jones, Cleavage, Dancing, Hand Held, Shrinking, Revenge
Description :     1. Megan is in room wearing bikini top, stretched tight over her large breasts. Man is in room sitting on couch Megan says they are going to beach party later that will include dancing, and she wants his opinion on whether her current bikini top is good for dancing or if she should go with a looser top that will allow more bounce. She gives a slight bounce and asks if that looks ok. Guy says "I plan to watch football and drink beer all day." Megan asks, "So you come with party with me, and you won't even take a closer look at my bikini tops?" Guy says, "Nope. Can you get me a beer before you go?" Megan leaves room and gets a can/bottle of beer. She returns to room and hands him the beer. He takes a drink of the beer and sets it on the table. he thinks the beer may have been bad.

2. He then seems confused as he starts to shrink. We see him getting smaller and smaller as Megan steps closer to him in frame so we can see their size differential grow greater as he shrinks. He stops shrinking at about 3" tall. Switch to POV view of him looking up at Megan as she towers larger and larger above him. Megan comments that the beer was fine…its what she put in it that is affecting him. The guy is then dropped onto coffee table from a few inches above it

3. Megan then sits down between couch and table, so that (hopefully) the edge of table is just below her breasts so there is a good shot of her giant breasts in background. For this portion, you can just have her giant body in background and his tiny body standing on table facing her in foreground….with no direct touching of him. Megan says she is tired of him blowing her off, skipping parties, and refusing to help here with even simple tasks like picking out a bikini top. Now that she has a captive audience, he is going to help her whether he likes it or not, and then slaps the table with enough force that he falls down on his rear from the vibration. Guy is scared and shakily stands back up. He asks her to restore his size and he will go to the party with her. Megan says she doesn’t know how….the powder only works one way…she doesn’t know how to restore him. Megan leans forward more, so that her face is directly in front of him, filling much of the screen. Megan says he doesn’t sound very sincere….she thinks he is just saying anything to get rid of him. Megan then purses her lips and blows, knocking him over with a blast of air and laughing at him. Guy stands back up. Megan says there is really only one way for him to adequately judge how tight her bikini top is. Megan stands up and then we see her reach down again to pick him up.

4. Cut to Megan holding him suspended just above the left breast of her bikini top. Using her left hand (thumb/finger) she pinches the top edge of bikini top over left breast and pulls it out from her body a half inch to an inch (making space to drop something into bikini top). Megan says, she is going to let him directly experience how tight her 2 bikini tops are, so she can decide which is best for dancing. Megan releases him and he drops straight down into bikini top. (At this point you can place 3" tall play-doh man, shaped like man with arms, legs, torso, head, into her bikini). Megan then releases top edge of bikini top, allowing it to snap back into place, at which point we can see outline of the play-doh model man pressed tightly between her left breast and bikini top. We hear guy yelling in pain. Megan says, "Wow..that looks really tight…are you alive in there?" Guy yells for help and asks her to let him go. Megan asks him how tight is the bikini top. Guy says it is too tight -- he can barely breathe. Megan says, "What about when I bounce while dancing…does it get tighter?" Megan does a short bounce, and we see her breasts move and the bikini top stretches tighter under the weight of her bouncing breast. The guy yells in pain and begs her to stop. Megan says, "That was just once bounce…I need to dance to be sure" Megan turns up the radio and begins to dance a little bit (or if cannot dance, just bounces more). The guy yells in pain in tiny voice on some of the bounces. Megan experiments with a few different dance moves / bounces that cause her breasts to bounce both vertically, and also side to side (can shake side to side).

5. Megan pulls top edge of bikini out a bit and peeks down to see if he survived. Megan says, she's done testing the first bikini and now wants to try out the string bikini. We see Megan step out of room in one bikini top, then return to room wearing 2nd bikini top (string bikini top) with the play-doh model already inside (this time oriented vertically regardless of how he was positioned the first time). The outline of play-doh man should be visible through bikini top and be all the evidence we need that he was transferred to the new top. Megan explains this is a looser top with more stretch to it. So it wont be so tight on him as the last top, but the bouncing may be more intense. Megan then demonstrates by giving a short vertical bounce and her breasts bounce up/down significantly more than in the prior bikini top. Megan asks guy if he is ready to review her new top. Guy begs her not to bounce. he says he cant take any more. she is crushing him. Megan tells him to man up and get ready. After a couple of minutes of dancing/bouncing, Megan stops and asks guy if he is still alive. Megan places palm of hand over left bikini cup and says she can still feel him moving. Megan asks which he preferred, the very tight bikini which did not allow as much bouncing but put him under heavy pressure, or the 2nd bikini which allowed a lot more bouncing. Guy says he is afraid to say on way or the other. Megan tells him to give her an answer now or she will repeat the test. Guy says the 2nd bikini was better…he could not handle the pressure in first bikini top. Megan says, "Great! That settles it. We are going to the party in the 2nd bikini" Guy says, "We?” Megan smiles and pats her left bikini top with hand and says he is going to…she plans to have a lot of fun dancing the night away.

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