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Keri spectrum in Shrinking Sports Rivalry

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Keri spectrum in Shrinking Sports Rivalry
Running Time:
16 Minutes

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Tags: keri spectrum, pov, feet, shrinking, slow shrinking, booty, feet, hand held, kicked around, smothering
Description :     I would like to do a 15 minute pov where the model is a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader. You're a Cowboys' fan that been talking on the Eagles not making it back to the Superbowl and the Cheerleader is not going to let you forget the fact the Eagles are the defending champions and still have a shot. She shrinks you down slowly with little cheers and tortures you. First she shrinks you to her boobs and knocks the camera around like the defense getting after Dak Prescott. Then she shrinks you to her bellybutton and makes you worship it reminding you that her bellybutton is the shape of the same number of rings the Cowboys have in the last 20 year's, 0. Then she shrinks you to her ass, as in America's team her ass and forces you to worship the ass of America's real team and reminds you that Freedom started in Philly. Then she shrinks you to her feet and kicks you around like she says the Eagles will do to Dallas in the playoffs and makes you worship her toes. Then she lays on her stomach and picks the camera up and puts it on her ass and makes the camera bounces the camera back and fourth off her ass cheeks singing the Eagles fight song. Dazed and nearly she ends your life by putting you flat on your back and smashes you to a pulp with her ass.

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