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From Fan To Food

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From Fan To Food
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: GIANTESS SHRINKING FETISH, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMDOM POV, miss roper, raquel roper, stella liberty, vore
Description :     During AVN my friend Stella and I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with an idiotic pervert, claiming to be a fan who took it upon himself to attempt on getting handsy. Like him, you probably think this is a game don't you? That we simply play pretend while the camera is rolling? Well he learned for himself, that's not the case. He attempted to leave the booth we were signing at, but we merely grinned ear to ear beside each other, snapping our fingers together and shrinking him down in and instant to the size of a mere ant. Stowing him away in a convention grab bag we took him back to Stella's room to play with our new tiny toy and teach him a lesson. Shouldn't you poke at things your own size, bug boy? Sadly for you Stella and myself were so busy during the event, that we've left our stomach empty, the gurgling sound ringing in your ears as we pull you in close to our bellies. There is no chance of escape for you as we dangle you above our mouths, giving you a full sight of our Uvulas that you will soon be holding on for dear life. Perhaps we'll slide you right down our throats? Though we love to see how you taste first, coating you in our saliva as we lap and flick our large tongues in your direction. Which mouth, will be your new home? Perhaps we'll split you in two? After all, sharing is caring. You really brought this fate among yourself, thinking that this is merely make believe. Now you're dealing with two, very real; hungry Giantesses.

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