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Unaware Massacre

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Unaware Massacre
Running Time:
18 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess, unaware giantess, bikini, eating, naked
Description :     Cali gets home and walks to the refrigerator to grab a snack, on the way over she steps on something. Not realizing what she has stepped on she just tries to brush it off and go to her destination. Cali grabs her yogurt and sits at the table. Cali begins enjoying her yogurt. She says it's a good new flavor and she really likes the crunchy things that are inside of it. Completely unaware that it is shrunken down people that she is eating and stepping on. Once she is through with all of her yogurt she goes and lays on her bed removing her bikini. Laying completely naked now she begins to read and dozes off. Little people are still stuck to the bottom of her foot and some are now climbing up her bottom. They begin trying to enter through Cali's mouth. Then they enter through her nose. Cali wakes up with a splitting headache. Next thing she knows her mind submits to the little person that made their way to her brain.

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