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Wife at a Giant Loss VR 4K

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Wife at a Giant Loss VR 4K
Running Time:
11 minutes

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Tags: SHRINKING FETISH, LICKING, HIGH HEELS, HUMILIATION, VERBAL HUMILIATION Keywords: hannah perez, whitney morgan, giantess, giant woman, shrinking fetish, high heels, heels, verbal humiliation, humiliation, licking, teasing, tease and denial
Description :     *PLEASE NOTE: THIS CLIP IS SHOT IN VIRTUAL REALITY. YOU MUST HAVE A VR HEADSET TO VIEW IT.* Hannah's husband accidentally shrunk himself. Hannah takes him to see Dr. Morgan, their therapist. Hannah wanted to see if there was anything that she could do to help her husband. Dr. Morgan doesn't have an answer for her and she begins to tell Hannah that maybe this is a good thing at that mayb this will be a way for him to realize that he should pay more attention to Hannah and treat her like princess if he ever gets back to normal size. Hannah begins to agree and get frustrated with her husband and then puts him on the floor. They both want him to feel humiliated for shrinking himself down and all the pain he has caused the marriage. Hannah is quite pleased that he cant run away or not pay attention because he is now at her disposal. Seeing as he cant get very far.

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