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Loryelle – Goddess of the Sea SFX

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Loryelle – Goddess of the Sea SFX
Running Time:
31 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, foot domination, foot humiliation, Loryelle, aware, mean giantess, crush, city, rampage, butt crush
Description :    

Rising of the Giant Goddess

Every 1000 years the evil giant Goddess Loryelle rises from the sea to demand her sacrificial offering from the inhabitants of Giantess Island.

But present went to past, past went to history and history to legend.

So as the day has come, mankind forgot to fulfill it‘s sacred duty and enraged Loryelle the Goddess of the Sea.

A Mega Goddess vents her Anger

In her anger Giantess Loryelle starts a devastating walk all over Giantess Island. Wherever she goes she causes panic. No human being, no means of transport or building can withstand the giant Goddess mountainous feet, hands or her titanic booty. Giant Goddess Loryelle enjoys to crush anything that crosses her path.

Giant Goddess Loryelle is the upcoming Apocalypse of Giantess Island!

Giantess Loryelle leaves a swathe of devastation across Giantess Island! The list of destruction is long. While you watch this movie you may enjoy
  • many barefoot crushes of people, planes and houses
  • destruction of whole cities
  • vore - devoring a skyscraper
  • hand crushes of helicopters
  • butt crushes of city blocks
  • exciting pov shots
  • bursting houses and debris
  • tons of video and audio effects.
If you have a giantess fetish you don't want to miss this. Get it now!

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