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An Early Christmas Treat VR 360 4K

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An Early Christmas Treat VR 360 4K
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: GIANTESS, MOUTH FETISH Keywords: bailey paige
Description :     This clip includes: Edited audio echoing to imerse you into your macrophilia fantasy when, vorarephilia triggering dialogue, teasing tongue and mouth play & a swallowing ending... Christmas has come early for Bailey Paige, as it seems a secret admirer who is eager with Christmas cheer has left her a present. Opening the lid of the box, Bailey is face lights up with a smile as she pears down at you. You shiver in fear, as you've been stripped from the garden by her admirer and shoved into the dark box; now face to face with a colossal giantess who can't seem to stop licking her lips at the sight of you. Taking you into her hands, she brings you closer to her. Unable to contain her hunger or excitement, Bailey teases you with her large wet tounge and wet mouth, rubbing her belly in anticipation for you. There is nothing better to Bailey than tiny treats, and it seems this will be your last Christmas because of it!

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