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A Devouring Bet

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A Devouring Bet
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: Vore, Tongue, Belly
Description :     This clip includes: vorarephilia triggering dialogue, clear mouth and tongue teases, upclose belly shots, a swallowing ending with endoscope uvula exposure, and post-swallowing enlarged belly exposure... You and your sister Dacey Harlot are just ending the match of your game, and it seems you've once again one. Overly basking in your victory, it seems you've pissed your sister off. She's tired of always falling behind you, you being the clear favorite out of your siblings and receiving special attention and treatment, along with you picking on her simply for being older. She's decided to challenge you to another match. If she wins, she gets to do whatever she wants to you. If you win, she will give up her bedroom which is the larger one out of the house. You agree to the bet. Just as you feel as though you are on the verge of another victory, your sister places dirty and pushes you, causing you to lose control over the game as well as the bet. Laughing as you all didn't make any rules, Dacey is clearly victorious. However what she has in mind is the LAST thing you thought she'd desire for a win. You begin to panic as your sister over-powers you and ties you to a chair in the living room, a wicked smile on her lips as she informs you just of what she has in mind. Rubbing her belly and licking her lips, your sister transforms from the innocent sibling you once knew into a carnivorous monster!

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